About Jardine Law Offices, P.C.

Jardine Law Offices, P.C. is located in Farmington, Utah. Joseph Jardine is the owner and one of main lawyers of the law firm. His coworker is Peter D. Goodall. Joseph has actually been a lecturer at various attorney training seminars (CLE's) and also has actually shown time and time again that he truly thinks out of the box, creating unique solutions for his clients.
Peter D. Goodall Esq. in June 2015, joined the Jardine Law Offices where he is a business partner as well as focuses his practice on Criminal Defense and Appellate Litigation.
Law firm's main practice areas include DUI, traffic tickets, no license, no insurance, speeding tickets, car accidents, reckless driving, and also Utah's point system cases.

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140 North Union Avenue, Suite 205